Staying Focused on Serving the Residents of Beaches – East York (Ward 19)


Today, I officially filed my ‘Change of Ward Notification’ with the City of Toronto to formally express my intention to continue to run in an expanded ward. My commitment to serving the people of Beaches-East York as their city councillor has not changed, despite the unilateral decision Premier Doug Ford made to slash the number of wards from 47 down to 25. While this change does affect the registered candidates, the people who are at greatest risk of being impacted by this decision are the residents of Toronto. Under this new ward-system, if residents do not elect high-caliber candidates who are willing to roll-up their sleeves, work tirelessly, and fully dedicate themselves to collaboratively working with the residents and various stakeholders, their civic needs will not be met.

At the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference held in Ottawa today (August 20, 2018), Premier Ford indicated his commitment to working with “municipal partners on shared priorities, including infrastructure, transit, and public safety.”  This commitment is meaningless in light of his government’s recent actions that many have deemed as undemocratic.  These cuts have deteriorated trust, demonstrated a lack of transparency, and established a precedent for limited engagement and productive dialogue between the provincial government and the municipality of Toronto.  Premier Ford has severely weakened these foundational elements of effective partnerships rather than build relationships with his municipal counterparts.

As a grassroots candidate, new to politics, with double the number of residents to meet, I have no time to spare. I have spent my career managing large-scale projects in challenging environments where constant change is an inevitable part of the process. Being able to adapt to change is a critical skill that leaders must possess. While other candidates are spending their time protesting, I am ramping up my efforts to meet as many residents as possible. I know that I am well-equipped to have meaningful impact from inside City Hall walls rather than protesting outside of them.   Torontonians want and deserve a representative who focuses on solving problems and standing up for those they represent.

I look forward to working with the residents to inspire, energize and revitalize our communities and our city!   

If you would like to get involved in this election, please reach out to me.