25 Wards - Now, let's get this election on track

The stay has been granted and we are going to proceed with an election under a 25-ward system.  Pleased or not with the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision, we finally have some certainty on the Toronto municipal election.

I believe that it is an excellent opportunity for us as Canadians to reflect on the importance of voting for a person’s values, with less of an emphasis on their priorities.  As I have learned throughout my career, priorities need to be adapted due to changes in circumstances but our values should never be compromised.  I want my neighbours and the residents of Toronto to know that: Yes I support safe streets and bike lanes; Yes, I support small-business; And yes, I support inclusive neighbourhoods; but above all, I want them to know the values I was raised on - humility, hard work, integrity, and without compromise, kindness.  These core values, coupled with my professional experience, will guide the decisions I will make on behalf of the residents of Ward 19, Beaches-East York.

Under a 25-ward system, we need people at Toronto City Council who have foresight and are willing to work together to find solutions to our biggest challenges.  With only 25 voices representing a city with a population of 2.8 million people, our elected councillors need: strong values; diverse experience and robust competencies; to be free of political-party affiliations; the ability to objectively look at the circumstances and desired outcomes; and, a desire to have meaningful dialogue – this will lead to real progress.

As your councilor, I promise to work with you to:

  • Get the city moving by improving our transportation infrastructure including roads, bike lanes and transit

  • Create an environment where small businesses can thrive

  • Rip up the beachfront monopoly and put the property through a fair bidding process to attract new businesses and attractions to the beaches

  • Make the Childcare Growth Strategy a reality so that working parents can have access to affordable childcare

Now, let’s focus our attention on the pressing issues that need immediate attention to ensure that we create a liveable, inclusive and accessible city. Join me in making our city a place we can all proudly call home.

Valerie (Val) MaltaisComment