Jonathan John

Executive Director & Founder, Youth Rising Above

“Valerie Maltais is undoubtedly the kind of person we need representing Torontonians in City Hall! Throughout my profession, I've had the opportunity to interact with a variety of individuals doing incredible community building work across the city of Toronto, but despite that, I don't often get to meet people as energetic, passionate, driven, smart, strategic and innovative as Valerie! Without a doubt, Valerie would be the counsellor I would want representing my own municipal needs, and those of the marginalized/at-risk populations I serve through my profession. Valerie possesses an immense and diverse amount of knowledge on a variety of topics that make up our city. In addition to the knowledge and resourcefulness that is constantly evident throughout her community building efforts, Valerie also possesses exceptional strategic planning abilities, business insight, leadership, and innovative thinking that are essential to ensuring our city continues to thrive, while being a place that is open and supportive to it's diverse demographic of residents. Valerie's passion and commitment towards serving a diverse array of Torontonians is beyond commendable. For as long as I've known Valerie, she continues to to seek ways to genuinely and intrinsically connect with Torontonians; whether it's connecting with them on an individual level; hosting community building events to learn about entire neighbourhoods; or supporting community agencies, Valerie has always been genuinely interested in understanding and supporting Torontonians. We need people in city council who truly care about Torontonians, want our city to thrive while being inclusive, and will actually work to ensure this is achieved...and without a doubt, Valerie Maltais is THAT person, I've had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand! Voting for Valerie is a right decision. I have no doubt that nothing but good can come through Valerie's service in city hall. I've seen Valerie do remarkable work for Torontonians; if you connect with her, visit her at her events, and follow her on social media...

you will too! On October 22nd, be sure to vote Valerie Maltais, you won't be disappointed!”

Peter MacKay and Valerie Maltais.jpg

Peter MacKay

Former Minister of Justice & Attorney General, Foreign Affairs, and National Defence


Beaches-East York resident

“Having met Valerie on multiple occasions and observing her work ethic, passion and experience, I was impressed with her open and forthright approach and insights on issues that affect residents in our neighbourhood. We need her knowledge, practical, solutions-based approach, compassionate, personal style, and ideas to fix many of the challenges that many face in their daily lives, be they in health, business, transportation or the environment. Her genuine commitment to foster positive improvements for her community is the driving force behind her call to public service. I believe she would be an excellent and highly effective, approachable councillor for Beaches –East York.”



Van Hoof

Owner of SUPGirlz Surf & SUP School - Beaches, Toronto

“I think Val would make a great city councillor because she has been engaged in conversations and meetings on safety and good community practices with us. She is a lover of the lake and SUP’s (we extra love that! She knows that being out there is amazing for you)! Valerie is intelligent, concerned, understanding, up-beat, active, funny, assertive, and a patient human. We have really enjoyed having her around. I feel she will be a great councillor and we are excited to grow the enjoyment of our lake and the health of our residents in doing so with her!



Most Valuable Pal & Grade 4 student, St. John’s Catholic School

“Val is my pal. Val is nice. She is good for our community. She is good for our environment.


Krista Pollett

Owner of Corks & Platters Wine Bar, Queen St. East

“Val is approachable and listens to the community, both residential and commercial. As the owner of a small business on Queen St. East, I think what allows us to thrive is the support we provide one another. We have a strong community and a great city but we could improve a few things.  I think a go-getter like Val representing us at City Hall is what we need!”


Kimberley Atkins

Beaches residents and social worker

I've met with Val many times. I can say she DOES listen to people's concerns. We've had many conversations regarding our most vulnerable citizens. I trust Valerie Maltais is committed to making a positive difference to the people of Beaches/East York.

Neil Milner.jpg

Neil Milner

Project Management Professional (PMP) and old colleague of Val’s

“Valerie, we have always shared values, stay true to your values and stay true to yourself. Keep doing what you are doing and you will represent your constituency with the same dedication and resolve that you bring to every challenge.”

image1 (2).jpeg

Kate Parsons

P.Eng. Regional Director, South Central Region Mines and Mineral Resources Division, British Columbia

“I had the pleasure of working with Val for a period of time on the environmental portfolio of a large multinational company where she excelled with her competency, efficiency, and her ability to bring different parties together with a warm, upbeat and can-do attitude. Val was able to take 30 minutes of your time and turn it into clear direction and concise communication, which helped bridge the physical and cultural separation in the company’s multiple operations. We were all busy independently but I always looked forward to Val’s calls to draw us together on specific subjects. In my opinion, she would be an asset to the Toronto City Council as she is able to manage effectively through complex subjects and bring resolution to issues while balancing multiple interests. She has my support 100% in her campaign and I wish her best of luck!”

Ian Horne.jpg

Ian Horne

Retired, Former Director Environment and Community Relations

“I hired Val as a summer student after her first year at Laurentian University. Within days of her employment she showed me her desire, drive and determination to both achieve in the workplace and make it a better place to work, using both curiosity and compassion. When she graduated with her degree in environmental science she was hired as a full time employee, in recognition of her skills and ability.

From 2011 to 2015, Val and I had the distinct pleasure of working together to develop, build and report on a Corporate Social Responsibility for the North and South American arm of an international copper mining company. This task entailed gaining the support of senior corporate management, selling and implementing cultural change at 5 separate mine sites in Canada and the United States and publishing a transparency report that accompanied the company’s annual financial report. It was no small undertaking, requiring a broad range of interpersonal skills across the full range of workers from front-line miners to the corporate office. It also required organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to meet strict deadlines. Val did all of this with her trademark smile and her never-ever-quit attitude.

To the residents of Ward 19 Beaches-East York, I whole heartedly recommend Valarie Maltais as your very best choice for Councillor. She is one of the most capable people I have ever met and I believe with all my heart and soul that she will do the residents of Ward 19 Beaches – East York proud, as your representative on Toronto City Council.”